Car BOMB! - FREE - Can you save the car! App recensioner

Waste of time!!


Not worth your time

Dosent even deserve a star

Waste of an app!

Bomb goes off at 5 seconds!


I would not play this evan if Somone paid me...


It whas done then it just disapierd

Its ok

Its ok but it needs improvement (i just like the car exploding


There's only one word for this app..... CRAP


So fun

Easy way out

Why don't you just throw the bomb out the window of the car, or just get out of the car:0


Lamest game ever, of all time.

Worst app ever

It never showed up

Stupid piece of 

Doesn't even work it just zooms in to the bomb and that's it

Horrible app

Don't get this app


When I get on the app it does nothing what should I do?


Don't get this app



Doesn't load!

Tried this and it doesn't work!


Jeftin learn to spell b4 u make fun of someone for being stupid


It doesnt effing load

I DID IT!!!!!!!



Best app ever Car blows up. Lolololololololololppololololololololololoololololol


It's stupid, don't waste your time. No pun intended.


I'm confused I don't know what I'm supose to do

Car bomb!!!!!!!!

For the secant person who wrote the secant review you push the locks and try to save the car dumb dumb.

you can't win

this isn't worth the space.


Even if it is free it's a huge piece of  it makes me wanna  myself u cant even disarm it


Fix this game in done with it


it's so stuiped it's pointless!!!

dont buy this crap!

its boring and deleted in 5 soconds!! try the app nazi zombies!


Howdo u disarm it


Beat the exeponally easy "app/game" on first try. You are STUPID and a RETARD and the ones that can complete are just perfecly normal TIP make harder Ps this is not gay but is currently retarted

Very gay

There's no point


Gay really gay

It needs instructions

Yoy are an idiot if you get this app ha it an't even a app


I keep hitting the ad at the top of the screen!!!! A rel piece of S&!@!!!!!


This game is coolto prank people. Put it in really high volume and tell your friends and family to do it. It will scare them for sure. Other than that this game is pointless.


Horrible waste of time don't bother it is sooooooo retarted!!!!!!!!


Boring waste of my time


It is very possible to do, you may not know that you disarmed it though. Well that's what happened to me. Once you have disaremed the first level it shows level two and when you beat that one level 3 and so on, it's not bad, level 4 is really hard.


What a boring app! Playing it was a complete waste of time!


What a piece of $#!t.

It's easy.

I beat it in 3 minutes. Just press the lock thingys and when two shows up at the same time press them at the same time.


pointless app there is no way they just make it blow up


When I try to defuse the bomb just go boomdah!

2 easy

This is how u beat it u just click on da locks fast the second level is way harder


Terrible!! How do you stop the bomb?

Hate it

How do you stop it!?

So freakin lame but funny

So freakin lame but funny 4 pranks with my friends..... Does anybody honestly know how to stop it??

I hate this app

This app is so retarted u can't beat it I sat playing it for 2 hours also those reviews that give it a 5 star were writen by the makers of the app as a joke

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